Playstation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

There are a lot of Playstation 4 accessories out there that help you improve your gaming experience on the game console.

One of the most important gaming accessories that you should get is a pair of headphones.

Headphones are great because they really bring the immersive experience when you’re gaming. To truly enhance your gameplay, buy a headset that has a virtual 7.1 Dolby surround sound support.

Today, I am going to talk about the Playstation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset. This is a headset that has 7.1 Dolby Surround sound support.

But before I delve right into the features of this wireless headset, I am going to talk about the design first.

The Playstation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset has a very minimalist design. It comes with a Black and Blue color scheme with a pair of huge drivers on each side.

This wireless stereo headset comes with an included USB dongle for wireless access as well as 3.5mm adapters so that you can plug this headset on your other Sony game consoles such as the PS Vita and the PS Vita Slim.

If you want to tweak the different aspects of the wireless headset, all of the necessary controls are situated on the left side of the headphones.

There, you can find the volume controls and a power switch which also acts as a profile switcher when you use the companion app that can be downloaded from the Sony app store.

Aside from the volume controls and a power button, you can also find the mute button and the virtual surround sound toggle. The toggle can be used to enable the Dolby 7.1 Surround sound virtualization or the Stereo 2.0 sound.

Do note that whenever you plug the Playstation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset in your Playstation Vita, you can only use the 2.0 Stereo.

The Playstation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset also comes with a good microphone. You might be thinking where it is placed but you can’t; it is safely embedded in one of the large cans.

Some people do not like it because they do want to see the actual microphone in place but for the vast majority of the gamers, it is a dream.

Gone are the days where you get distracted because of the protruding microphone. Also, gone are the days where the microphone would come into contact with other things, making your life a nightmare.

Now, we are going to talk about the actual sound quality. When it comes to sound, the Playstation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset delivers. Even though it is not good compared to other premium headsets, for the price, you are getting some very good headphones.

It is also a treat when using it for watching movies. When you are watching DVD movies, you will be using the 5.1 Surround sound technology. But, if you’re playing Blu-ray files, you will have the option to enable the 7.1 Surround sound.

The Playstation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset comes with a USB dongle for wireless connectivity and it also comes with a standard micro-USB cable to charge the headphones.

The battery of the headset should last 7-8 hours and it requires about 2 hours of charging time (from a completely drained battery to full).

The Playstation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset is a very good headset. It certainly does not have flashy features compared to other premium headphones, but for the price, it pretty much worth it for every Playstation 4 game console owners.

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weBoost Connect 4G-XE Mobile Phone Signal Booster

When you’re in the corporate setting, every phone call you make, every email you send, and every text message you deliver for the company is very important.

Are you in a textile business where frequent orders come flying in your business? Or are you in a computer building business where a lot of clients want to have their custom PCs build in your company premises?

Every company should make sure that there will be no problems, especially on the communications line. That means that when you’re in your company, you need to have rock solid mobile phone signals.

When your company is situated far away from your mobile phone service provider’s cell tower, there is a high chance that you will not have a good mobile phone signal reception. This results in reduced call clarity, unsent emails and text messages.

Obviously, when you’re experiencing these problems, you will risk losing your job and the company will also risk losing clients.

To help you and your company combat the plague of low signal reception, you need to have a mobile phone signal booster.

Today, we are going to talk about the weBoost Connect 4G-XE Mobile Phone Signal Booster. This is one of the best 4G LTE mobile phone signal boosters in the market today and rightfully so, the XE in the name stands for “Xtreme Enhanced”.

As with most other mobile phone signal boosters, the weBoost Connect 4G-XE Mobile Phone Signal Booster supports other frequencies and signals as well. This means that it can support Edge, CDMA, 2G, and 3G frequencies.

The weBoost Connect 4G-XE Mobile Phone Signal Booster also has an impressive 7,500 sq.ft coverage and it is perfect for medium and large companies. It also comes with a whopping 85 dB high gain base amplifier, one of the highest ones out there on the market today. The manufacturer, weBoost, boasts of up to 32x improved signals.

How do you install the weBoost Connect 4G-XE Mobile Phone Signal Booster? Here are the steps:

  1. This mobile phone signal booster works best when its external antenna is mounted on the rooftop. If that is not possible, just go to the highest window and mount it there.
  2. Place the internal antenna in the middle point of the building for maximum coverage. The internal antenna is an omnidirectional antenna so it should work find without doing some angling.
  3. Place the base signal amplifier unit also in the middle portion of the building (with a little bit of distance separation between the internal antenna and the amplifier).
  4. Plug the external and internal antennas into their respective ports.
  5. Plug the power supply adapter and power on the device. Wait for 3-5 minutes and you’re good to go!

The weBoost Connect 4G-XE Mobile Phone Signal Booster has a very handy technology where you do not need to tinker with the settings anymore as it does so automatically.

If you want to boost mobile phone signals inside your company, then definitely get the weBoost Connect 4G-XE Mobile Phone Signal Booster.

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Unkilled Game for Android

Many people are engrossed in the idea of a zombie apocalypse. In fact, there are a lot of threads about people giving advice should the zombie apocalypse be upon us.

As crazy as it may seem, a lot of game developers actually got this idea. A particular game developer has created one of the coolest Zombie apocalypse games for the Android operating system.

The Unkilled Game for Android mobile phones is touted to be one of the best zombie apocalypse games for the platform.

The story is centered on Joe, a member of an anti-zombie unit called “Wolfpack”. Joe, along with his comrades-in-arms, is tasked to hunt and eliminate the zombie infestation that has plagued New York City. They must stop this infestation so that the situation will be contained and to avoid a global zombie apocalypse.

If you thought that since this game is just a mobile phone game that it won’t be expansive, but you’re wrong! The Unkilled Game for Android has over three hundred missions to play through! That should be more than enough content to keep you glued to this game for a while.

This game also has new and unique zombie characters to kill such as the Dodger, Minesweeper, Butcher, Sheriff, just to name a few.

To kill these baddies, you need to have a plethora of weapons, and this game gives you that option. There are over fifty weapons you can choose from such as a Sniper rifle, an LSAT, and a Saiga-12K shotgun. Choose what works best for you and your playstyle!

The Unkilled Game for Android mobile phones is a great 1st person action shooter that has intuitive touch controls. If you are not comfortable in using the mobile phone as your control pad, you can use a dedicated controller that can be used via the USB-OTG feature. This game is also fast-paced as it employs an Adrenaline feature that hastens the pace of the game for an, even more, adrenaline-inducing action.

Mobile phones nowadays are more than capable of handling great graphics. This Unkilled Game for Android utilizes the Android operating system’s ability to render superb visuals. The game sports high-resolution graphics, textured surfaces, highly-constructed polygonal characters, and a cinematic cutscene experience like no other!

If you have a mobile phone that comes with an Nvidia Tegra GPU, you can enjoy more graphical enhancements such as 3x more particles in all special effects, overall graphics improvements, and so much more!

If you’re a person who loves to have achievements, this game is packed with a lot of achievements that you can do. Also, fighting zombies alone can be scary and boring, so this game also allows you to invite your friends to join your party. Together, you guys can be an impenetrable anti-zombie unit!

The Unkilled Game for Android has received praises from both gamers and game critics alike. This game is free to install with in-app purchases.

If you’re looking for a great zombie apocalypse game for your Android mobile phones, then look no further than the Unkilled Game for Android. This game can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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Dr. Oz Ultimate Diet Plan

Diet plans are plentiful. Some are made by normal people, and some are made by doctors. Today, we are going to take a look at a particular diet that was made by a doctor.

But, this is not an ordinary doctor, mind you. The doctor I am referring to is none other than Dr. Oz! Dr. Oz is a doctor who has an award-winning show where he shares his knowledge and research on what benefits humans, especially pertaining their health.

Dr. Oz has devised his own diet plan, which he aptly calls the Dr. Oz Ultimate Diet Plan. So, what is the promise? Dr. Oz promises the people who follow his ultimate diet plan that they will lose 2 inches off their waist in just a matter of 2 weeks. That is really something outrageous, so let’s investigate this diet plan a little further.

Here are the most important tidbits of information you need to know about Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Diet Plan:

  1. Fridge Makeover- Probably the most important one in his ultimate diet plan. You see, people nowadays eat foods that are high in calories and high in fat. Such foods are also quite tempting, which is why a lot of people are obese. Dr. Oz states that you must read food labels, and if anything of these sorts come up: Simple Sugars, Syrup, White Flour, Saturated Fats, and Trans fats, make sure to ditch them as they are of the unhealthy variety.
  2. Change your Wares- A lot of people buy really big plates and glasses because they want to cram as much food as they can on the plate. Dr. Oz recommends that you buy smaller plates because then, you will be forced to put only a small amount of food at a time.
  3. Have a Weight Loss Buddy- Let’s face it, losing weight alone can be quite a pain. Having a weight loss buddy will not only motivate you in times of defeat, but they will also ensure that you will lose that weight and reach your weight loss goal.
  4. Exercise your Way to Good Health- Nothing beats exercising when it comes to losing weight, that is why Dr. Oz has always advocated the inclusion of daily exercises in his ultimate diet plan. If you do not want to do strength training, you can walk 5 miles a day, or 10,000 steps (if you want to count that is).
  5. Don’t be Afraid to have a Cheat day- Dr. Oz knows that no one can follow a diet plan a 100% of the time, so make sure to include cheat days from time to time. A slice of cake won’t hurt that much, right?

These 5 important parts of the Dr. Oz Ultimate Diet plan should be followed if you want to follow this particular diet. The degree of difficulty for this diet is just medium, and almost anyone can do it. There aren’t really any hard restrictions, just make sure that you adopt dieting as a way of life.

If you are looking for a good diet plan, Dr. Oz Ultimate Diet plan is a good place to start.

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Absonutrix Raspberry Ketone Review

Here’s a cold hard truth: According to a recent survey conducted in June of 2015, there are reportedly 56% obese people in America. Obesity is characterized when you have 20% more weight than an average person. Obesity can present a lot of health concerns such as the higher risk of Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart disease.

This is why it is imperative that you lose weight, at least to the desired BMI or Body Mass Index. But, we all know how hard losing weight can be. Sure, people are advised to exercise every day, but this activity puts off a lot of people.

So, what do people usually do? They turn to the aid of fat burners. raspberry-ketonesThis is where Raspberry Ketones come into play. Scientific studies have proven that Raspberry Ketones can aid in weight-loss.

Today, we’re going to take a look at a Raspberry Ketone Supplement that has been proven to help people lose weight over the last few years, and that is the Absonutrix Raspberry Ketone weight loss supplements.

What is the Absonutrix Raspberry Ketone weight loss supplement? This is one of those supplements that only contain one core ingredient: The Raspberry Ketone.

Here are the product’s features:

  • weightloss through lipolysis
  • Pure Raspberry ketone extract- thermogenic effect
  • 1000mg of pure Raspberry ketone with 2 capsules
  • Amazing antioxidant effect
  • 100% all natural-no chemicals no side effects

Lipolysis is the breaking down of fats by hydrolysis. This is an effective way in burning fats because during the process, fats are converted into energy. So, not only will you be losing weight, but you’re also given quite an energy boost as well.

For maximum results, take two (2) capsules every day and couple it with healthy foods and the right exercises.

A lot of people have tried this weight-loss supplement and they have enjoyed a lot of success with it. Here are just some of the reviews:

User “Chicagoan” said, “I have been using this product along with Absonutrix Hoodia and they are giving me great results. Apart from weight loss What I really feel is FAT LOSS and that is why I just love these products.This is the first time I actually used any supplement for weight loss and it’s working!!

When I started using these I don’t feel any food cravings and there are no side effects. Apart from these I am also controlling my diet.”

Glenn Morris said, “my secret recipe for losing weight!… i stress a little about food and avoid all the fat and sugar as much as possible and go for an hour walk a day. the rest is taken care of by the absonutrix raspberry ketones. Love it!”

As previously mentioned, Absonutrix Raspberry Ketone weight loss supplements are only one of the few fat-burning supplements out there that contain only one core ingredient. This is an advantage as you will not only get a concentrated dose, you will also be assured that it has no side effects.

Up to this day, Raspberry Ketones have no reported side effects, so it is generally safe for consumption.

Absonutrix Raspberry Ketone weight loss supplements are priced at $12.99.

A Brief Guide: How To Install The Latest R4 Cards

Simply put, R4 cards are amazing. When it comes to the shear amount of extra content they can bring to your Nintendo DS, it is no wonder that so many people use them. And, at a low price and easily available, these cards are becoming increasingly popular.

Having been around since the Nintendo DS was first released, these R4 Cards have only advanced in their functionality and utility over time. Despite becoming significantly less difficult to install and use, the only challenge that remains for some is in how to property install these cards. So, lets approach this head on. Below is a general guide to how to install the R4 3DS, the R4i SDHC, and the R4 DS card types. With any luck, you will shortly be using your R4 card to its fullest extend after reading this.

Step 1: Settling on a Card and Nintendo DS Model

Whether you are buying the Nintendo DS model for the Card or vise versa, it is important to figure out what the right card is for your model. This is fairly easy to figure out, as most online stores will say what each card works with. In addition, now is a good time to determine the size of your card. As many models come in 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB models, you should make sure you get one with enough room for your needs. That being said, the larger the card, the more expensive it will be.

Step 2: Getting a Card Reader

Another important piece of hardware that you are going to need will be a card reader. Card readers are a device that you can connect the card to. On the other side of the device is usually a USB hub that makes it easy to connect to your computer. Card readers can be purchased from many of the same sites that you can get the cards from.

Step 3: Download Your Desired Firmware

With the right card reader, it is now time to download the firmware you want to use. This will change depending on what you want to do with your card.

Step 4: Transfer the Files to Your Card

This is a part of the process that has become significantly easier over time. All you have to do is find where the folder is located, and transfer the downloaded files to that folder.

Step 5: Detaching and Enjoy!

Once you have everything loaded up, all that is left is to detach the card and enjoy!